Product List

Below is a list of currently available Aussie Colours products and downloadable factsheets in PDF format.

    Name  Details Downloads
Gomphrena New Empress Details Gomphrena Empress Fact Sheet_3_11_10.pdf
Australian Rice Flower (Ozothamnus) Gold Dust™ Details Fact Sheet Ozothamnus Gold Dust_30_1_12.pdf
Gomphrena Pink Gem Details Gomphrena Pink Gem Fact Sheet_3_11_10.pdf
Outback Princess ® Ptilotus Little Princess Details Ptilotus Little Princess Fact Sheet_3_11_10.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Aussie Delight Details Fact Sheet Hibiscus Aussie Delight_18_10_13.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Aussie Pearl Details Fact Sheet Hibiscus Aussie Pearl.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Aussie Pink Details Fact Sheet Hibiscus Aussie Pink.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Citrus Mist Details Fact Sheet Hibiscus Citrus Mist_9_1_14.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Alyogyne Aussie Purple Details Fact Sheet Alyogyne Aussie Purple_9_1_14.pdf
Australian Rice Flower (Ozothamnus) Magic Marmalade Details Fact Sheet Ozothamnus magic marmalade.pdf
Australian Rice Flower (Ozothamnus) Colour Surprise Details 0
Australian Swamp Orchid (Phaius australis) Giant Aussie™ Details Fact sheet for Giant Aussie Phaius_Swamp Orchid_16_10_13.pdf
Outback Princess ® Ptilotus Little Prince Details Fact SHeet Little Prince 9_1_14.pdf
Outback Princess ® Ptilotus Passion Details Fact Sheet Ptilotus nobilis Passion_9_1_14.pdf
Allure™ Calandrina schistorhiza Details Fact Sheet Calandrinia schistorhiza Allure_27_2_14.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Aussie Apricot ™ Details Fact Sheet Hibiscus Aussie Apricot_30_7_15.pdf
Australian Rice Flower (Ozothamnus) Cosmic Details Factsheet or Ozothamnus Cosmic_30_7_15.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Aussie Choice™ Details Fact Sheet Hibiscus Aussie Choice_30_7_15.pdf
Australian Native Hibiscus Aussie Lemon Details Fact Sheet Hibiscus Aussie Lemon_30_7_15.pdf
Australian Riceflower (Ozothamnus) Strawberry Cream Details Factsheet or Ozothamnus Strawberry Cream_30_7_15.pdf