Want tough colour for your garden this Winter?

Consider our Australian Riceflower range of small, hardy native shrubs to add some colour to your garden over the cooler months. 


These small, hardy shrubs are prolific flowerers and can be picked for cut-flower arrangements.  They make great feature plants or can be planted en masse to greate a stunning effect. Suited to all states of Australia, they require little water and tolerate mild frost once established.

Aussie Colours® is a plant breeding, licensing and marketing company established to maximise the commercial potential of Australia’s native flora.

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Aussie Colours® plants have all been specifically selected or bred for Australian gardens and landscapes. They are ideal for your outdoor living areas, courtyards, balconies, patios, pool areas and pots. They also make wonderful gifts. Keep an eye our for our new range of hardy, low-water-use Australian Native Shrubs!

Tried and tested in the Aussie climate; which Aussie Colours® plants fit your needs?


Aussie Colours - Pretty Tough Plants!